Write to Change your mind this spring?

What can you really change by writing? I guess it depends on the day. I find I can change my perspective, the way I look at my world, and my relationship with others, so sometimes it changes my mood. If I let someone else read what I’ve written, maybe I can change theirs, or maybe not. I can try to write memoir, personal essay, poetry, fiction, creative non fiction, stream-of-consciousness ramblings, or even the graphic version of any of the above. Each of those opens a different door for me and I believe it will for you too. March is always a dreary time of waiting for the promised spring. We can hope that it will come sooner or we can write our way in.

Join Me for two hour sit and write. Come alone or bring a friend. 

Are you new to writing or hoping to re-inspire yourself? You’ll find a safe, creative space to experiment and experience the change writing can bring to your world.

Wednesdays from 7pm –  9ish,  March 6 – 27,  on zoom (come in your PJ’s ) Cost: $100 or $30/session

Thursdays from 1:30pm – 3:30ish, March 7 – 28th, on zoom, (still come in your PJ’s) Cost: $100 or $30/session

Submission Success: If you are ready to submit, join a group of like minded submitters for support, writing and reading. This happens every 2nd Thursday from 7pm to 8:30ish,  and is self directed. Arrive, discuss, question, write. Cost: A donation to cover the Zoom Rooms.

Click Here to let me know of your interest or use Vicki @ vickipinkerton.ca.