Writing through Covid

Winter 2021

Covid seems to be causing a buzz in the frequency of my life. Luckily my routine is not affected too much. My office is in a bright corner of the basement with a big window out onto my back yard and wild garden. My work keeps me there for much of the time and the rest of my life seems to be spent trying to figure out the weather so the pup and I can hike, and yet, there is that buzz. It is soft enough to ignore it for days on end but it lives in my belly and comes with tension or anxiety attached, something that if I think about, I would say I don’t have and yet behind every action, every decision, every breath, it is audible. It makes me itch, continuously glance over my shoulder and wish for peace. There are a few things that offer me rest from it. One is walking, taking in the spicy scents and the sound of the corn stalks rubbing their dry palms together in the wind. Another is meditation. It is in the sitting trying to think of nothing that the Covid noise becomes very apparent, and the third and the one I am turning to most, is writing.

It is not surprising that I have an urge to put pen to paper. It is something I have been doing in times of joy and strife since I could hold a pen. In so many ways, it is my meditation.

And I would like to invite you to write with me.

I have two offerings this winter leading us to spring

Wednesday February 24 – March 31, evenings from 7-9 – 6 weeks

and Thursday Feb 24 to April 1st  Mornings at 10-noon – 6 weeks

we will continue to explore Fly Away Writing. 2 hours of connecting through writing prompts and feedback. Free your soul from your Covid buzz by exploring your stories.

The price will be $125.43  ($111.00 plus hst $14.43). 

If Covid has your financial supports shaking, please contact me for a “life is getting better” discount.

Please sign up using the registration form:


    Memoirize Yourself

    Are you ready to tell the story of how you became yourself?  Join me in an intimate group to explore yourself, your journey, and how you come to be you. In 6 weeks we will learn how to shape an effective memoir, share our work, receiving and giving gentle feedback. Its time. Put yourself between the pages.

    Wednesday February 24 – March 31, 1-3 pm @ $125.43  ($111.00 plus hst $14.43)
    (this date is not written in stone depending on the participants. When you sign up, give me a preferred time of day if this one doesn’t suit.)