Writing through Covid

Sping 2021

Will it ever be over? I think of myself as a positive person, and my life is very little affected by the world outside, since I work from home and my office window looks out over the birds building their nests and their spring hopes. And yet, there is still that noise in the back of my heart. I am ready like so many others to move on. My covid shot is booked and I am feeling impatient.  

We planted seeds this weekend, the sun is warm, and it helps. Hiking in the spring woods is also amazing but the thing that keeps me going the most…is writing.  It’s not surprising that I have an urge to put pen to paper. It is something I have been doing in times of joy and strife since I could hold a pen. In so many ways, it is my meditation.

And I would like to invite you to write with me.

FLY AWAY WRITING – inspired by the writing of imprisoned writer and activist, Ahmet Altan who said, “…like all writers, I have magic. I can pass through your walls with ease.” This session will help us pass through the walls of our life circumstances with prompted writing and feedback in a supportive space. This group is suitable for beginning writers and experienced alike. Your relationship with words will never be the same.  Every writer will come away with at least 3 story beginnings per week.

Wednesday April 21 – June 30, 7-9 pm. Every second Wednesday, April 21, May 5, May 19, June 2,June 16 and June 30 (6 Weeks) $111. Plus HST


Thursday 10 am – 12pmApril 29th- June 17th (8 weeks) $148 plus



If Covid has your financial supports shaking, please contact me for a “life is getting better” discount.

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Memoirize Yourself


Are you ready to tell the story of how you became yourself?  Join me in an intimate group to explore yourself, your journey, and how you come to be you. In 6 weeks we will learn how to shape an effective memoir, share our work, receiving and giving gentle feedback. Its time. Put yourself between the pages.

MEMOIRIZE YOURSELF  – Let’s interact with and write your own story. In this session, we will have an opportunity to submit 10 pages for review by the group.

Wednesday 10am to Noon-30April 28-June 23 – 8 weeks. $148 plus HST