Returning September 2023

The great Canadian Philosopher, Wayne Gretzky, once said that you miss 100% of the shots you never take. I can twist that around to say, If you want to publish, you need to submit.

In this session, I am offering Submission Success to get you and me submitting to contests, magazines, blogs, or where ever your words want to go. This session, unlike my others, will include homework. We will find places to submit. For this task we will be using the amazing skills of Kimberly Aslett, librarian extraordinaire and prolific submitter to help us find submission venues. I will also expect you to be checking out areas of interest. Are you a dog person? Bring in ideas for submitting dog articles. Each of us will contribute to the submission list.

We will do prompted writing as usual, but we will also be writing to hit certain submission standards.

We will meet bi-weekly and in between we will finish pieces and submit them to each other for AWA style critique, to make the piece better.

By the end of 8 weeks, we will have submitted 2 pieces and have several more to consider.

For questions or to register, email me at vickipinkerton at gmail dot com