Balance doesn’t come to me easily. I always think it should, especially since I work from home and Covid keeps me from going out. For some reason I think that I should have plenty of time to hike with the dog, stretch and meditate, follow my physiotherapist and massage therapists directives, get the laundry done, make meals, garden, and write a best selling novel (or any novel at all for that matter), teach my classes, spend time with friends and family and have the evening to spend making life memories with my partner. My question is always, what’s wrong with me. Why am I so disorganized. The stress of it is giving me anxiety, a condition I have heard of but until now, not experienced.

So I have come upon a solution. This has worked for me before. I will run away. What could go wrong?

I packed my things. Computer, sketch books, journal, a couple of jobs that I haven’t had time to do, my carving knives and my crochet project. I also packed a couple of books from my night table and I headed to the Bonnchere Valley to a friend’s cottage, on a lake, not far from Ottawa. I brought little food not wanting to mess up my time with cooking and off I went. At the end of the week, I am here to give you my insights.

With no dog or family to interfere, I hardly did any of my stretches, yoga, or meditation. I seldom moved away from my chair. I worked constantly, did workshops and caught up with things that needed to be done. I didn’t crochet much because I was too busy during the day and at night the light wasn’t good enough. I did bicycle every couple of days and Kayak when the water was calm enough. I loved the location but balance was not achieved. It seemed that I was always either sleeping or at my computer. I need to move to plan B, so I am going to spend the next couple of days pretending I didn’t bring my work and then go home, gladder (that must be a word) that my family actually keeps me from working 24/7

I am grateful for the opportunity to know that running away doesn’t solve every little thing but it sure was fun to try. I’m still looking for a way to write that novel. I will report back to you when I try a couple of new ideas.