I heard on the news the other day (CBC so it must be true) that we have had the grayest December on record, rivaling even Vancouver. Wow! But my body knew that I didn’t need to hear it. We have had rain, rain, rain, fog, freezing rain, slush, and a very small amount of snow. I’m almost done. Don’t get me wrong, I love weather, all weather. I quote some famous person frequently when I say, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices. I believe that too, but these dark days are getting to me. I have noticed even the plants I have sitting by the window are droopy, no light. I feel like those plants. I do.

I get out, wearing the right clothing for damp with a bone chilling wind and slippery sidewalks, and it is brighter outside, fresher somehow, mood elevating, but give me a break. I need a legitimately cold, sunny day. Something featuring a blue sky and fluffy clouds playing up there. I keep thinking the problem is the place, lovely St Marys, trapped between several Great Lakes, but my kids in the Yukon say it’s the same there. All across the country, people are discovering seasonal affective disorder (SAD) if they hadn’t before. Light therapy helps but since I’m a winter person, all I’m asking for is some ‘real’ winter weather. Cold, with a brightening snowfall and sleigh bells ringing would go a long way for me.

With this being the start of the New Year I have needed to talk nice to myself, go easy, tiptoe around until I am sparked up again. To that end, the pup and I are waterproofing ourselves and walking in all weather. Believe it or not, that helps. I am drinking lots of my favourite hot drinks, curling up with books that have been recommended by friends, listening to good music, and thinking about bringing out my paints. I haven’t done it yet, but I will. Creativity always helps. The other thing I want to do is write, for me, not things for work. There is nothing as rejuvenating as putting my hand down on a silky page with a smooth flowing pen between my fingers. Old school I know, but the keyboard isn’t quite it when I feel like this.

How do you brighten up one of the gloomiest months on record. To let me know click here and I will compile a list of a few of our favorite things. And now that I’ve said that, I couldn’t help myself, click here for Julie Andrews telling us about a few of hers.

Writing done alone is satisfying especially in the wonderful St. Marys Snapping Turtle Coffee Roasters, a funky, little piece of heaven. I don’t love coffee but the scent of roasting and grinding, the buzz of conversation, and the heady Chai Latte they brew makes it wonderful. On the other hand, writing in a group is the most productive for me so I’m looking for a group to write with. Keep writing and let me know if it’s helping you.